What we are about!  Its more than fishing.  It's your time to escape and enjoy the waterways in North Queensland.

What we are about! Its more than fishing. It's your time to escape and enjoy the waterways in North Queensland.

31 August 2021

G'Day and thanks for dropping by our online showroom.

A quick note to let you know what we're all about. 

Simply put, we are here to help you buy a boat that is going to suit you and your family. 

We have a big range, bigger than any other boat dealership in NQ.  Come into our showroom, either here online or at 943 Ingham Rd Bohle, where you can examine our huge range.

Some people do their research online, with friends or talk to a mate who has a mate who knows boats.

We urge our customers to shop around and get a feel for the boats they are interested in and a feel for the people with whom they are dealing.  Ask lots of questions.  We try and answer your questions quickly and concisely.  We won't put down other brands - every brand has its critics.  We will show you features that make our brands worth owning.

We work hard with our suppliers to get the best deals on the products we sell, so you'll find that doing business with us can save you money.  Plus - we offer really great service and lots of extras that make our boat packages really great value for money as well.

There's lots to learn and know about boating - it is really good fun.  Putting a boat on the water is always a new adventure.  Kids have a great time and there are stories to tell after every trip!

We are happy to talk to you and understand your needs.  We want you to come back to us for your next boat (yes we want you to change your boat as your needs change in life) and continue on the endless journey that is boating.  Its a big investment in your lifestyle so we want to help you get it right, this time, every time.

Please tell your friends about your experience with us - there is no greater feeling of joy in a salesman's heart when you answer the phone and the voice on the other end says- "My friends bought a boat from you and they recommend you - can you help me to buy a new boat?"

So please feel free to browse our website, call us or call into our showroom.

We look forward to being a part of your boating happiness!

Emmanuel & Donna Theodosiou

Townsville Marine


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