Why Townsville Marine?

WHY should you buy your boat or outboard from Townsville Marine?

Q:  WHY should you  purchase from Townsville Marine?

A:   Because at Townsville Marine:   We Hear You

That's the simple answer. We take great pride in listening to our customers, truly hearing what you want from your marine or boating experience - and we work with you to achieve your objectives. We have incorporated our genuine care for our customers into every aspect of our product delivery and service offering. We Hear You.

Q:   WHY buy a boat from us?

A:    Because We Have Your dream boat. If its not in stock, we will order it. We Have Your best intentions at heart. We Hear what You want, and we know what you need to make your boating dreams become a reality.

Q:   WHY come back?

A:  Because We Have Your back. We promise to provide you with exceptional customer care. We will take care of all of your warranty needs, and we value our repeat customers, so we promise to take care of your boating needs, for life.

Q:  What brands do we stock?

A: Townsville Marine are proud to stock the biggest and best range of boats in North Queensland.

People who buy their boats from Townsville Marine get better value for money.

At Townsville Marine, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with:

  • Choice
  • Advice
  • Quality
  • Peace of Mind
  • Customer Service
Townsville Marine, Great value, everyday.



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