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The Nichols Group has been at the forefront of the Australian boating industry since Roy Nichols established the boat building company in August, 1946 (over 71 years ago!).

It also was way back then that the name Nichols Bros. became synonymous with an unrelenting commitment to design excellence and manufacturing quality.

The Nichols Group launched the Cruise Craft brand in 1960 and its first fibreglass model in 1967.

Today with around 14 Boat of The Year titles as well as other accolades to its credit, Cruise Craft still continues to lead the industry in design excellence, innovation and quality.

Walk-around, cuddy and half-cabin styles, sports bow-riders and runabouts today proudly bear the Cruise Craft name.

It's a label of quality, it's a label that defines excellence.

Around the ramps and marinas of Australia, you will often see many of the original Nichols Bros. timber cruisers and those first fibreglass Cruise Crafts still providing excellent service to their current day owners.

You can join them with the latest market-leading models - all of which are are available through a network of dealers located around Australia.

The current Cruise Craft Fleet includes:

Targa Tops

  • Resort 55
  • Resort 6
  • Explorer 530
  • Explorer 575
  • Explorer 595
  • Explorer 625
  • Explorer 685
  • Outsider 595

Hard Tops

  • Explorer 595 HT
  • Explorer 625 HT
  • Explorer 685 HT
  • Outsider 595 HT

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