Yamaha WaveRunner Runout Sale

8 January 2020

MY2019 & Prior – Terms & Conditions
• This promotion will be advertised nationally through websites and social media channels.
• To maximise opportunities, dealers are required to advertise this offer for the duration of the
promotion in their local area and confirm what activities will be undertaken in the following
Participation and Marketing Form.
• It is imperative that all rebates / discounts are itemised on the customer’s tax invoice and the full
up to $2500 or greater discount offers shown. If a customer issue occurs and no record of payment
can be proven, all dealer rebates will be put on hold until the customer issue has been addressed at
your dealership’s expense.
• In cases where a unit qualifies for any other current promotion, only the greater value of the two
will be paid i.e. promotions do not double up unless specified.
• You must include the terms and conditions with any advertising.
• Commercial customers claiming commercial rebates are not eligible, however commercial
customers can choose to take either the standard rebate or the retail offer, not both. All
commercial purchases must still be warranty registered as such with no exceptions.
• For rebates to be applicable all warranty registrations must be completed by close of business
Tuesday the 30th of June 2020.


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