$20 per HP - F2.5 - F90

1 April 2020

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Terms and Conditions

$20 per Horsepower Off F2.5 – F90

  1. Sold units will receive the retail bonus as a Net Retail Rebate when the units are Warranty Registered.
  2. It is imperative that retail offers are itemised on the Contract of Sale and customer’s Tax Invoice. The value of the promotion must be clearly stated on both documents. If a customer issue occurs and there is no record of the promotional benefit, all Dealer Rebates will be put on hold until the customer issue has been addressed at your dealership’s expense.
  3. All bonuses will be paid as a Net Retail Rebate. In cases where a unit may have received previous discounts, or qualify for additional retail offers, only the greater amount or remaining amount due will be paid i.e. Promotions do not double up unless otherwise specified.
  4. Commercial customers claiming commercial rebates are not eligible, however commercial customers may choose to take either the commercial rebate or the retail offer, not both. All commercial purchases must still be Warranty Registered as such with no exceptions. 
  5. Customers that have been included in these offers will be subject to random audits conducted by YMA.
  6. This promotion is not available in conjunction with any other offer unless stated. 
  7. All Dealers must conduct the nominated point of sale and marketing activities. Failure to do so may jeopardise your participation in this promotion and rebates associated will be cancelled. 
  8. Any warranty registrations of applicable motors and subsequent rebates will be subject to random audits. If you warranty a unit that was sold prior to the offer, please notify internal sales to have it excluded from the offer.

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